Guard Clutch Master Cylinder Guard

Clutch Master Cylinder Guard


- Guard item for the hydraulic clutch master cylinder used in KTM and some Husqvarna model.
- Clutch master guard keep flexibility of the handlebar.
- Protect the cylinder from damage.
- ZETA's MX hand guard (Impact X3 / Impact X2 / Stingray / Stingray vent) and stock hand guard can be used together.

【Please note】
Since the mounting part has a tapered shape, it is used for the clutch master side.

Stock handlebar ・ ZETA SX3 handlebar
Cannot be installed except for (Part number ZE06-543).

ZE71-3000 (A piece included for clutch side )

Bike Year Part number
125/450/500EXC 15-16 ZE71-3000
150EXC 20-23
200EXC 14-16
250/300EXC 15-23
250/350EXC-F 15-23
450/500EXC-F 17-23
125XC-W 17-19
150XC-W 18-23
200XC-W 15
250/300XC-W 15-23
450/500XC-W 15-16
250XCF-W 15-16
350XCF-W 15-16
450XCF-W 23
500XCF-W 20-22
Freeride 250F 18-20
Freeride E-XC 18-22
FE250/350/450/501 17 ZE71-3000
TE150/250/300 17
TX125 17