Handguard ZE71-1508

Armor Handguard Option BarEnd Plugs


- Bar end plugs for Armor hand guards.
- Prevents mud, sand, etc. from entering the throttle tube when tipping over, reducing throttle problems.

【Compatible Armor Handguard】
Pro Armor hand guard
Armor handguard vent
Armor Handguard Straight

Color: Titanium color
Size : Diameter 32mm, Thickness 11.5mm
Material : Body: High-strength aluminum alloy Attached bolt: Stainless steel
Surface Treatment : Anodized finish

Part number
ZE71-1508 CNC machined to match the shape of the Armor handguard for integraded design.
R-processing reduces the risk of injury.
ZE71-1508 Prevents sand and other contaminants from entering the throttle tube when tipping over.
The diameter is set to 32 mm, the same as the outer diameter of the grip tip, to reduce tip tear.
ZE71-1508 Shaped to fit the adapter (Part No.ZE71-8921 ) for Pro Armor handguard
ZE71-1508 【Armor Handguard Bend / Armor Handguard Straight】
By replacing the bar-end adapter with the adapter (Part No.ZE71-8921 )for Pro Armor handguard, it can be fixed more firmly.
*Only compatible with aluminum handlebars.