Road Street levers
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- High quality CNC machined levers for sport bikes.
- Folding lever system to prevent lever breakage.
- Short lever arm for sport riding.
- Available in black and titanium anodized colors.

Clutch Application
Clutch and Brake Lever Application
Clutch Lever Arm Ti-color Brake Lever Arm Ti-color
ZS61-2980 L3WA ZS61-1980 L3WA
ZS61-2990 L3WB ZS61-1990 L3WB
Clutch Lever Arm Black Brake Lever Arm Black
ZS61-2985 R3WA ZS61-1985 R3WA
ZS61-2995 R3WB ZS61-1995 R3WB
Replacement Adjust Knob For Pilot Lever Gold