Road Street levers



- Racing Flight clutch perch comes with ratio device.
- Provides 2 different lever ratios, light pulling and accurate clutch control, by changing position of Ratio Device ( PATENT PENDING ).
- Comes with quick cable adjuster for quick and easy clutch play adjustment, even during the ride.
- Lever bearing for less friction. Fully CNC machined, super light weight design.
- Conforms to FI M and M FJ regulations.
- Available perch comes with clutch switch for street use and without switch for racing use.
- M6 bolts and pivot pins are made of titanium.

Parts Number Switch Lever Type
ZS60-5881 W/O Black
ZS60-5882 With switch

Replacement Lever Assy
Part number Lever Type
ZS60-5908 4 Finger
Replacement Lever Arm
ZS60-5991 4 Finger ZS60-5994 3 Finger
Replacement Perch Assy
Replacement Adjuster
ZS60-5929 Red ZE43-9394 Blue
Titanium Bolt set Switch set
ZS60-5938 ZS60-5948