levers levers



- Developed with YOSHIMURA Racing team and World Super Bike racing team, Crescent Suzuki.
- Holes on lever body is designed to decrease wind pressure up to over 300 km / h.
- The braking point is pre-calculated in case of a fall.
- Fully CNC machined from A7009 / A6061 aluminum, super light weight design.
- Conforms to FI M and M FJ regulations.

Clutch Application Brake Application
Clutch Lever Application Brake Lever Application
Replacement Lever Arm 4 finger
Clutch Lever Arm Brake Lever Arm
ZS60-5980 L4SH ZS60-3990 R4SH
ZS60-5990 L4SP
Adjust Knob
Replacement Lever Arm 3 finger
Clutch Lever Arm Brake Lever Arm
ZS60-5995 L3SH ZS60-3995 R3SH