Road Street

Flight Handle


- All bolts and pins are made of Ti-6AI-4V titanium.
- Clamp body is made of 7009-T6 aluminum with precision CNC light weight finish for light weight and durability.
- Handlebar is made of 6061-T6 aluminum to ease impact and protect clamp body in event of a crash.
- Available in standard and short offset handle with many clamps and handlebar angles.

Material(clamp) A7009-T6
Material(bar) A6061-T6
Surface finish Color anodized finish
Handelebar out side diameter 22.2mm
Handelebar inside diameter 16mm
Clamp thickness 36 mm
Type Part number Clamp Handlebar
Diameter Offset Angle Length
STD ZS03-0133 50mm 39mm 270mm
ZS03-0135 50mm 39mm 270mm
ZS03-0167 53mm 40.5mm 270mm
Short ZS03-0233 50mm 29mm 205mm(Effective length)
ZS03-0235 50mm 29mm 205mm(Effective length)
ZS03-0237 50mm 29mm 12° 205mm(Effective length)
ZS03-0257 52mm 30mm 12° 205mm(Effective length)