- Revolving shift tip design provides best shift positions for all riders.
- Rotating shift tip provides 6 different positions, offer more sensitive shift position adjustment.
- Shift arm is made of A2014 forged aluminum for durability.
- Forged arm is black anodized finish with laser print logo.
- Foldable shift tip is made of CNC aluminum with knurled finish for better shift grip.
- Shift tip is color anodized with ZETA laser print logo.
- Replacement shift tips and tip mounts are available.

*Monkey 125
Remove shift linkage and install this
shift lever, provide more secure and direct shifting.
* Neutral position will be sensitive.



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Option Stainless Shift Tip
Part numberSize
Replacement Shift Tip
Part number Color Size
ZE90-3920 Ti-color 23mm
ZE90-3930 Ti-color 28mm
* Use replacement parts shown on the application list.
Replacement Tip Mount
Part number Color Type
ZE90-3900 Black Straight type
ZE90-3902 Red
ZE90-3903 Orange
ZE90-3906 Blue
ZE90-3912 Red Offset type
ZE90-3913 Orange
ZE90-3916 Blue
ZE90-3919 H-Blue
* Note replacement chip mount, please use the same shape as the compatibility table.
If you install a different shape and may interfere with the engine case cover.