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- Pivot lever M-type comes with forged lever arm. Lever is specially designed for motocross, ED and off road racing.
- Lever to fold outward to prevent breaking in the event of a crash.
- Automatic lever position restoration provides quick recovery from the crash.
- Ultra precision machine cut lever adapter for super light weight construction, high precision and quality.
- Available in 3 and 4 finger lever lengths to fit your riding style.
*Only 3 finger lever available for brake lever.
- Made of durable aluminum for extreme strength. Titanium color anodized finish.
  【Caution】 Can not be used if lever interferes with switch box on your handlebar.

Replacement Brake Lever
Replacement Brake Lever
ZE41-3600 3Finger
Replacement Clutch Lever
Replacement Clutch Lever
ZE42-3600 3Finger
ZE42-4600 4Finger