The new standard for off-road taillights! A special lighting design that makes a big difference in the impression of the tail area.

Taillight unit with a special design that divides the light into three sections. Two different designs can be selected by installing a light guard as standard equipment. Designed to be lightweight and compact integrated with a number light. Installation pitch of 81mm is adopted, ideal for refreshing the taillight.

  • Voltage: DC12V
  • Power consumption: Brake lamp = 2.4W
  • Power consumption: Standing lamps = 0.24W    
  • Number light = 0.4W
  • Standard: E mark (E57 *148R00/04*0558)
  • Patent pending

【Please note】
This is a universal type, so it cannot be installed as is. When installing in a vehicle, some modifications to the stays and wiring are required.

  • Color : Red lens / Clear lens
  • Size : Width: approx. 101.5 mm / Height: approx. 51.5 mm / Depth: approx. 53mm
  • Material : Plastic
  • Weight : 135g

Contents :

  • LINE Taillight itself : 1 pc
  • Light guard : 1 pc
  • Mounting nut : 1 set
  • Connector : 1 set
The original design, which focuses on the shape of the light, has evolved into a high-quality light with a three-dimensional effect. The LED lamps, which are highly responsive and appealing to following vehicles, provide riders with a sense of security.
Attach the removable nylon light guard. It can create a rugged off-road look.
81mm mounting pitch is used. Can be replaced with edge taillight or lucas-type taillight for an easy change in.
The license plate light consists of three downward-facing white high luminous intensity LEDs. Soft, bright, high-quality light illuminates the license plate. In addition, the lens of the license plate light is smoked to achieve a "lumpy" design.
The upper part of the taillight is covered with a black outer cover to prevent light leakage. The taillight area is tightened up.
Waterproof grommets prevent flooding from riding in the rain, muddy conditions, and mud splashes. Drainage holes are provided to protect the taillight unit from condensation in the lens and water immersion.
Lightweight and compact design with integrated number lights. Contributes to mass centralization and enhances athletic performance.(Taillight: approx. 140g)