- 6 mm thick high strength aluminum chain guide with added
chain drop prevention function.
- Up to 50 teeth rear sprockets. *When the guide block is installed.
Plate: Material A7009 CNC machined aluminum
Block: Material POM (Duracon)
Weight: 410g

SEROW250/XT250 05-20 ZE82-2308 Ti-Color
ZE82-2301 Black
With brace function to prevent the swing arm stay from bending inward from side impact. Strongly protects the chain from falls and rocks. Prevents flapping of the chain. Power loss is minimized by adopting POM material with low friction resistance.
The guide block can be adjusted up and down,
matching the sprocket size and the chain play.
Despite the sturdy design, the minimum ground
clearance is +17mm compared to stock. Reduce
the risk of contact with obstacles.
Can be used even without the guide block wavoiding
excessive wear in situations where guide performance
is not required.


Replacement Durable Chain Guide Block Part number
CRF250L ZE82-2911